January 20, 2024

家族 (Kazoku) means family

I’ve always thought I’d make a good samurai. I’m old, grumpy, decent with a sword, and ready to chop down anyone who threatens my family.

Speaking of family… my Campfire Queen and I are officially grandparents. That’s right, we’ve hit peak ‘old’ leveled up. This past week, my stepson and his girlfriend welcomed baby Carson into the world. We were all a little concerned about getting to the hospital due to the inclement weather and road conditions. We just happened to get a heavy snow a couple days prior, and the cold didn’t allow for any melting. But everything went well, and now we have a new addition to our 家族 (Kazoku).


After 2024’s rough start (car repairs and covid), Carson is just the blessing we need to reset and focus on what’s important… and by that, I mean prepping my cosplay for the next Comic Con. I’ll be the Mandalorian, and Carson can be Baby Yoda. I’ll even build a stroller that looks like Grogu’s pod. We’re gonna look amazing.

With that, I leave you with the Fluffertons, who were not overly fond of our absence this past week.

Until next time…
お元気で (Ogenkide)