January 14, 2024

Off to a rough start

Happy New Year. Where’s the reset button?

2024 rolled in like it had something to prove. Like in those prison shows where the new guy beats the crap out of the biggest / baddest inmate to establish dominance. Except 2023 had already hightailed it out of here to escape the chaos, so ’24 set its sights on us.

Let’s run through the list…


GMC had to be repaired due to fuel cleaner causing carbon buildup in the engine.


Cracked a tooth while eating a grilled chicken sandwich.


Missed the NWA Comic Con (and my chance to meet Alan Tudyk) because the entire household was hit with Covid.


And now’s there’s a possibility that we’ll miss the birth of our first grandson also because of Covid.

Okay, enough bitching from me. Let’s focus on the highlights.

Issue #4 of the comic book By The Time I Get To Dallas by Colin Devonshire, which I backed on Kickstarter again, just arrived — complete with a sweet collector’s box. And, once again, I make a cameo as ‘guy getting the crap beat out of him’, which seems fitting given how the year has started. I plan to continue my support of this comic because (1) it’s a great story, (2) I like making cameos in comics, and (3) I love comics.

The Nanook tomahawk from Ancient Smithy I ordered also arrived, and it’s totally badass. This will be my new tactical zombie apocalypse camping blade from now on.

In an effort to achieve my goal of DMing my first D&D game, I ordered the One Shot Wonders book and Fantasy Character Kit from Roll & Play Press. I’m hoping this will expedite the process so I can unleash my pent up D&D creativity on anyone who’ll play.

Just after the beginning of the year, I had ordered a coffee bundle from Free Rein Coffee Co. owned by Cole Hauser (aka, Rip from Yellowstone). I was secretly hoping it would provide badass cowboy energy. But since Covid saw fit to completely sap all of my energy, I was just glad it managed to keep me awake. Nonetheless, it’s really good coffee.

Despite the year starting off a little rough, I think it’s provided ample opportunity to employ all that Stoic philosophy I carry on about — focus on what I can control. I liken it to opening the door to a flooded room, and all the water came rushing in at once when the door was opened. Now it’s time to pick myself up, dry myself off, and get to work.

With that, I leave you with the colorful personality of Hazel Wigglebottom.

Until next time…