May 7, 2023

“Old” is in the mind…

…and also in the joints. Not to mention all the gray hair.

Well, it’s May. The year is almost half over, and I feel I’m just getting started. I’m 3 for 5 in my goal to photograph every full moon of the year. Last month, cloud cover kept me from getting a shot of the moon when it was at full luminosity. Now, this month, the weather is keeping me from getting a shot at all. The stoic in me is saying “oh well, it’s out of my control.” The Arkansan in me is giving this weather the finger. πŸ–•πŸΌ

Speaking of things out of my control, my kiddo is getting older (as am I). He just got his driver’s permit, and we’ve been practicing driving. This is a HUGE milestone for both of us. He’s on the road (pun intended) to gaining a healthy measure of independence, and I get to impart hard-won knowledge. And not just knowledge on how to drive. While we were practicing last weekend, a wasp flew in the car and stung me on the arm. So my kiddo got a lesson on road rage and subsequently learned a few new cuss words.Β 

On the nerd front, I obtained a sweet set of Mandalorian bookends, along with a Funko figure of Uhtred from The Last Kingdom. The bookends made it just in time for Star Wars Day, which I also celebrated. Plus my pre-ordered copy of The Daily Dad by Ryan Holiday came in. It’s written in the same style as The Daily Stoic. I’m still working on getting this parenting thing right. Maybe this will help.

Today is my nephew’s birthday, and we’ll be celebrating by going to watch Guardians of the Galaxy 3 followed by a cookout. Not a bad way to end the weekend.

Until next time, β€˜ver heil ok sΓ¦l’.
αš’α›–αš± αšΊα›–α›α›š α›Ÿαš² α›Šα›‡α›š