June 26, 2022

The Nerd Abides

This week was chock full of deadlines, meetings, appointments, and travel. The usual. But it also carried an abundance of nerd-filled joy.

On Tuesday, my Father’s Day present from my kiddo arrived, and it was glorious. A 10″ tall Funko bobblehead of Zombie Captain America that now graces my desk. What makes it even better is how scary it looks in my dark office early in the morning when the light from the doorway catches it.

Creepy. I love it.

While not the tallest, it’s, by far, the largest Cap in my office. That brings my total Cap count to 12. A Marvel dozen?

Speaking of Father’s Day gifts, my Campfire Queen bought me an amazing fantasy-style map of Arkansas from Lord of Maps. It’s drawn in the Lord of the Rings style, which makes it even cooler. So, of course, I had to find the perfect frame for it. 

The rustic frame I ordered arrived on Tuesday, as well. And now the glory of Middle Earth… or the River Valley hangs just above my desk. 

I love it.

In other nerdy news, the Ragnar Bone D20 I ordered from Misty Mountain Gaming Co. arrived… and it’s beautiful. Also, it’s larger than I expected, which means it’s meant for DM’ing… something I desperately want to learn how to do because, despite only ever having played one game, I love Dungeons & Dragons. And I fancy myself a weaver of stories and adventures. I think I would be great at it.

Yesterday topped off the nerdiness with a bunch of awesomeness. My “Fire in the Sky” tank arrived. And on our way to pick up Koda, we stopped at Barnes & Noble where I loaded up with stack of books: The Shadow of What Was Lost, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Silmarillion, and a sweet gold-embossed copy of The Art of War (I think that makes 5 copies I now own).

For the past couple of weeks, my kiddo has been staying at his mom’s, so Hazel (or four-legged comical pain in the ass) has been mopey. She’s adopted Koda as her human, and with him gone, she’d grown bored and sad. So she decided to fill that time by napping in very inconvenient places in my office. Under my desk, under my chair, under my feet. 

Here’s a hilarious… and frustrating assortment of her antics. I think these were all taken in a period of 5 minutes.

Ha! Not really… it was probably 10 minutes.

Until next time, ‘ver heil ok sæl’.
ᚢᛖᚱ ᚺᛖᛁᛚ ᛟᚲ ᛊᛇᛚ