July 9, 2023

The Way of the Old Man

Roujindo (The Way of the Old Man) 老人道

Because I’m old. But only in appearance… and general grumpiness. Mentally, however, I teeter between 16 and 60.

I recently ordered a custom cap for myself featuring the Hawk and Bear crossing arrows logo, and it’s glorious. The only problem is now I need another one — one as my “going out” cap, and the other as my “doing things and getting dirty” cap. I’m also debating on opening pre-orders to see if there’s any interest.

This month featured the Buck Moon (the 7th full moon of the year), and for the first time in months, the weather was cooperative. The cloud cover was minimal, so I was able to get a great shot.

The John Wick YouTooz my kiddo ordered for my birthday finally arrived. I had the perfect spot for him on my bookshelf. Now he graces the martial arts section in all his badassery.

Speaking of my kiddo… a short while back, I bought him all three compendiums for Invincible (written by Robert Kirkman, of whom my son is a huge fan). These books are 2″ thick. My thinking was that these books would give him plenty to read for the foreseeable future.

I was wrong.

In a span of little over a month, he finished all three books. And now he suffers the grief all avid book readers suffer… the heartache of the story being over. Now I’m challenged with helping find interest in a new story, which will be tough because he’s as picky a reader as he is an eater.

In a few weeks, we’ll be hitting the Oklahoma Comic Con where we hope to meet Ross Marquand (Aaron from the Walking Dead) and Nolan North (a voice actor from many of our favorite video games). It’ll be our second con of the year. Our goal (mine and Koda’s) is to start cosplaying at cons regularly. Because we’re nerds.

Until next time, ‘ver heil ok sæl’.
ᚢᛖᚱ ᚺᛖᛁᛚ ᛟᚲ ᛊᛇᛚ